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What if...

What is a mistake in music? Is music supposed to sound a certain way?

These are the questions that the album hopes to evoke in the listener and the players.

Once all the possibilities reveal themselves and all the limitations disappear, a new adventure will begin, and we "May Be……. (unable to return?)."

Every composition and every improvisation becomes a "what if…" to build a new story: a new collective narrative, a new and unique expression of feeling in the moment.

How do we prepare ourselves to be spontaneous and sincere?

The group is more interested in sounding honest and present than prepared.

Presenting something refined and polished has less value to them than offering something sincere.

Taking chances is vulnerable, so making mistakes can be the most honest thing you can do. 

Like an explorer headed for a new adventure in uncharted territories, this music is a journey with no guarantee of coming back.

These five musicians have never rehearsed; every time they play, it is a gamble.

The trust they have in each other and the liberties and chances they take with the music are the only things they can count on.
Recordings or live performances are treated similarly, as notes must not be wasted by playing safe.


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